January 29, 2018

Cooking With Heart

Of course that side of fries sounds much more tempting than a side of fresh fruit, but let’s all try to make a healthy change in our diets and protect our future selves. A good diet is a major component in keeping your heart healthy. Excessive amounts of bad foods leads to high cholesterol and clogged arteries (atherosclerosis). When your arteries are clogged, it restricts blood flow to and from the heart causing a heart attack. Start caring for your heart the way it cares for you, and eat foods that will help you do so.

When deciding whether or not certain foods are good for you, be cautious of the 3-S’s (sodium, saturated fat, and sugar). Food high in any of the 3-S’s is not a good choice. Try making your plate as colorful as possible with fruits, vegetables, and good fats (such as salmon or avocado). Not only is a good diet great for your heart but it will also increase your energy and improve your mood as well. And remember, moderation not deprivation; so if you make healthy choices most of the time, that side of fries every once in a while will not do too much harm.

Join us Saturday February 3rd at 9am for a healthy heart cooking demonstration.  Register here or call 888-973-4674.

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