September 18, 2019

Imaging Services at Mountainside Medical Center

Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center offers a full range of state-of-the-art outpatient and inpatient radiology services. At Mountainside Medical Center, we focus on providing outstanding care and accurate radiology services delivered by a compassionate team of radiologists, technologists and nurses. Our radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology. Each is subsequently trained or fellowship trained in neuroradiology, women’s imaging, pediatric radiology, interventional radiology, musculoskeletal radiology and cardiac imaging.

Our goal at Mountainside Medical Center is to provide patients with the highest quality of care when it comes to the availability of imaging services to our community,” said Timothy Dixon, RT, R, CT, director of Imaging Services. “Our radiologists have completed fellowships at some of the most respected institutions in America and Mountainside is designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE) by the American College of Radiology (ACR). This designation is awarded to breast imaging centers that achieve excellence by seeking and earning accreditation in all of the ACR's voluntary breast-imaging accreditation programs and modules, in addition to the mandatory Mammography Accreditation Program. We also hold ACR accreditation in other imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, PET and Nuclear Medicine. In addition to being accredited by the ACR we also hold accreditations from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in Vascular Ultrasound.”

Imaging is an integral part of a patient’s care and a valuable diagnostic tool for many diseases while also playing an important role in treatment and predicting outcome. While Mountainside Medical Center continues to focus on technological advancements in diagnostic imaging, we want our community to have easy access to these valuable tools.  By working closely with referring physicians in the area we ensure that their patients receive pre-authorization, scheduled appointments, and communication of results in a timely fashion. Patients can be referred to radiology by their own physician or can make an appointment on their own when prescribed by their physician.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The radiology department at Mountainside features a state-of-the-art PET/CT (positron emission tomography and computed tomography scanner) used for imaging and diagnosis of many different conditions depending on the radiotracer used. “This new machine provides improved lesion detection with its high-resolution and metal artifact detection,” said Prashant Parashurama, M.D., Radiologist at Mountainside Medical Center. “The PET/CT scanner has a 500 pound weight limit and a wide opening that prevents patients from feeling claustrophobic when they are getting scanned. We also offer a newer exam called Gallium Dotatate 68 (Ga68), which allows the Radiologist to visualize tumors within a few hours. The Gallium scan is done in place of an Octreoscan which normally could take up to two days to image.

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