March 15, 2019

The Importance of Patient Safety

At Mountainside Medical Center, the safety of our patients and their families is top priority and is something we encourage all of our staff members to take seriously. Jill Ryan, Manager, Emergency Management and Safety Officer at Mountainside Medical Center, is speaking about the ways in which we strive to keep our patients safe and what we are working on to enhance the physical environment of the hospital to best support patient care.

A safety and security letter is now distributed to all team members, focusing on topics like corridor safety and appropriate storage practices. “Through our new newsletter, Creating a Safe Environment for All, we are able to focus on key environmental, security and safety practices that all staff must have ownership of,” said Ryan. “This was implemented so all team members will have an understanding of why they are asked to follow strict safety protocols and how their compliance impacts patient care.”

Workplace violence education has also been at the forefront. “Many team members expressed interest in learning more about active shooter situations,” said Ryan. “With this education, we are able to discuss the steps that need to be taken to save lives in the event of an active shooter in the hospital.”

Below are some of the safety initiatives that are underway in the hospital.

- Additional front line team members are being added to the Workplace Violence Committee to allow for broader perspectives on concerns and solution-finding.

- Additional surveillance cameras and panic alarms are being installed in security-sensitive areas.

- An infant abduction drill was recently completed to test current procedures and responses in the event of a baby being taken from the Maternal Child Health unit. Identified opportunities are being built into the policy.

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