May 22, 2018

Oncology Nurses Month: I Have a Dream

I have a dream…

Each oncology patient is one unique individual. To best serve the needs of this one patient we should be one team

One team that works to discover the cause of their disease

One team that creates a plan for an optimal outcome as defined by this one patient and family

One team that supports them mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially

One team that provides comprehensive treatment education that allows them to understand what they will experience and how best to deal with it and that we are always only a call away

One team that shares their joy at being disease free and works to provide a plan of care to maintain their newfound wellness

One team that shares their sorrows when the disease is stronger than our treatment options

One team that will hold their hand and support their loved ones when they slip away peacefully and pain-free

One team that will provide bereavement support to their loved ones

One team that supports each other, shares their burdens and celebrates their successes

One patient, One team, Every shift, Every day

By Terry T. Pietsch, MS-N, RB, CTR, OCN, NE-BC

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