October 29, 2020

World Stroke Day

Initiated by the World Stroke Organization in 2006, World Stroke Day occurs annually on October 29 and is used to observe to recognize the serious nature and high rates of stroke, raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of the condition, and ensure better care and support for surviviors. Each year there is a different focus and this years World Stroke Organization campaign is Join The Movement.

Currently in the United States Stroke is the third leading cause of death, and the number one cause of disability. Each year there are approximately 785,000 people who expierence a stroke – 600,000 of those will be first time attacks and 185,000 will be a recurrent attack. 1 in 4 people will have a stroke in their lifetime – this is a scary statistic but everyone should know that strokes can be prevented.

Stroke prevention can occur in a variety of ways including managing medical conditions with help from primary care providers. Conditions that are directly linked with stroke include, hypertension or high blood pressure, diabetes or high blood sugar, hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol and atrial fibrillation also known as an abnormal heart rhythm. When working with your primary care provider they may prescribe certain medications to help control and manage these medical conditions.

Besides working with medical professionals there are ways that we can all prevents strokes on our own. Eating a healthy balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables and reducing intake of processed, high fat and high sugar foods. For those that smoke – stopping smoking will decrease your own risk and those living around you. Reducing alcohol intake – it’s a good idea to limit alcohol to 1-2 servings a day. Mental well-being is linked to a lower incidence of stroke –  managing stress, depression, anxiety and anger decrease the risk of stroke. There is a link between being overweight and stroke, maintaining a health weight and Body Mass index will decrease the risk of stroke. Lastly, there is a higher risk of Stroke for those who do not participate in any physical activity - excercising for 20-30 minutes at least five times a week decreases the risk for stroke.

This brings us back to World Stroke Organization’s 2020 campaign for World Stroke Day – getting up and moving around is just the beginning, 30 minutes of physical activity can help prevent and reduce the risk of stroke. So starting today lets all Join The Movement and prevent stroke.

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