Highly Reliable Heroes

We honor those who make a difference.

The Highly Reliable Hero award has been created to celebrate the Heroes around us. A person that goes out of his/her way to do extraordinary things for our patients, family members and fellow teammates.

This award is open to every Mountainside Medical Center team member, volunteer and physician that has made a positive impact on our patients’ lives or any of the lives around us.

A space has been dedicated in the Main Lobby to recognize our Heroes and their contributions. These heroes will be honored by displaying their photo, name, department, date of the event, and a QR Code where their story will be accessible. A pin will also be awarded to them to wear proudly.

The Highly Reliable Heroes are personifying teamwork, compassion and commitment to quality of care for our patients, families and coworkers.

Meet Cathy Eldridge, Patient Satisfaction Coordinator

Cathy was nominated by a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council at Mountainside Medical Center who was experiencing a hardship when her loved one was in a coma. She and her husband have both been patients of Mountainside, and everytime they return to the hospital Cathy makes every effort to provide them with guidance and support, often going above and beyond to assist in anyway possible.

When asked about Cathy, she says “You don't realize how much you need help, until it is offered. […] Mountainside Hospital is lucky to have you, and so are all of us who have come to appreciate you during the most difficult of times. You are unique!”

Meet Patricia “Trish” Delgrosso, Director of Surgical Services

Safe quality patient care is at the very heart of all that Trish does, which is evidenced by the countless hours she works to ensure that patients, physicians and team members have exactly what they need for their visit and work day. Team members can always count on Trish to be there to p

roviding word, a laugh, or a snack to keep the motivation going through the work day. A true mentor and leader, Trish leads by example, handling challenging situations head on with positivity, decorum and without hesitation.

Recently, a “code blue” was called overhead to the loading dock, an unusual area for an emergency to take place. Hoping the call was in error, Trish rapidly responded and arrived to see a fellow team mate in dire need of emergency medical attention. First on the scene, Trish provided CPR until the rest of the code team arrived. It was her quick actions, critical thinking and expert emergency care that truly saved this team member’s life.

Today, he is alive and well, stating, “I am living proof of Trish’s knowledge and quick response to my personal emergency. Timing is everything, and in my case, it made the difference between life and death. I, as well as my wife and family, will be forever grateful for my second chance.”

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