July 14, 2021

Annual Physical Therapy Check Up

Have you spoken to your physician about your Annual Physical Therapy Check-Up?

Take control of your physical fitness and musculoskeletal health TODAY!

Many of us take the time to see our primary care physicians (PCP) and our dentists regularly to ensure the best possible health outcomes.  One vital part of our physical wellbeing that is often overlooked is the health of our musculoskeletal system.  We recommend adding a physical therapist (PT) to your list as you make your annual healthcare visits. Working with a physical therapist can:

o   Improve your movement

o   Help you live a more active lifestyle

o   Reduce general aches and pains

o   Decrease risk of injury

Why should you get a physical therapy check-up?

A physical therapist is a movement expert, who can help you improve movement through exercise, hands-on-care and education.  Physical therapists teach patients how to prevent or manage their condition to achieve long-term health benefits.  PTs examine each individual and develop a plan, using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.

How is this a benefit to my long-term health?

When you see your primary care physician, many tests are conducted to help identify potential health issues and help you live the best possible life.  For example, your blood pressure is taken, your heart and lung health is examined and your physician will take blood samples in an effort to assess your overall health.  Similarly, seeing your physical therapist every year will allow you to have your strength, mobility and overall function assessed to ensure optimal physical fitness can be maintained.

What will happen during my physical therapy check-up?

After a thorough review of your medical records and talking about your physical fitness levels and goals, your PT will perform an evaluation which asses the mobility and flexibility at all major joints, examine your main ability to maintain a position while moving, and how well you complete essential daily movements. This results are evaluated and you will be given advice on home exercises, activity level modification and more tips for optimal musculoskeletal health. 

How do I schedule a physical therapy check-up?

Talk to your PCP about getting a PT check-up today, or at your next appointment.  Your doctor can provide a referral to Mountainside’s Physical Therapy Department.

To find a doctor near you please visit www.mountainsidemedicalgroup.com or call 866-999-5162.

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