July 27, 2021

Back to School Sports Physicals – An Important Health Screening

It’s back to school time, when we have a ton of things to check off the list: new books and supplies, new clothes, enrolling our children in sports, activities and more. Before completely checking off sports, consider getting your child a sports physical. A sports physical can help ensure children and teens are prepared to participate in athletics. It’s also a great opportunity to learn how to avoid getting hurt or sick while playing their chosen sports.

What is a Sports Physical?

A sports physical includes getting a medical history and a physical exam, aimed at uncovering any conditions your child has that might make participation unsafe.  The information gathered includes a family health history, any previous health conditions or injuries, surgeries or hospitalizations, and any current medications they are taking. 

The physical exam will consist of recording height and weight, blood pressure, pulse readings, a vision check, listening to their heart and breathing, and examining their abdomen, ears, nose and throat.  The doctor will also check posture, joints, flexibility and assess strength as well as ask your child about use of drugs, alcohol, dietary supplements and performance enhancers. 

Based on this information, the doctor will either release your child to participate in sports or request a follow-up examination, additional testing or prescribe necessary medication or treatment.  Your child’s doctor may also provide some insight on what sports would be safe for your child and at what level of competition.

Schedule your child’s appointment for a complete sports physical at least six weeks prior to beginning their sports activity.  This will give your child adequate time to follow up on any items or begin preventive recommendations, such as allergy medicine, before it’s time to hit the field or the court.

Mountainside Sports Physicals

Schedule your appointment

We are pleased to offer opportunities for back-to-school and sports physicals at an office near you.

Same day, next day and walk-ins are available and vary by office.  Most insurance plans are accepted. Please contact the appropriate office below prior to visiting.

West Caldwell: Ages 16+
Mountainside Medical Group – Family Practice
1129 Bloomfield Avenue; Suite 100

Bloomfield: Elementary through High School
Mountainside Immedicenter
557 Broad Street

Clifton: Elementary through High School
Mountainside Immedicenter
1355 Broad Street

Verona: Elementary through High School
Mountainside Family Practice Associates
799 Bloomfield Ave, Suite 201

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