May 29, 2024

Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center Care Award Winner Meghan Hodgson

Meghan Hodgson, RN, clinic educator (center) proudly holds her award.

Mountainside Medical Center is proud to present Meghan Hodgson, RN, clinical educator of Nursing Education with the Care Award.

Meghan started her career at Mountainside over two decades ago as an Emergency Department Nurse. She later moved into her current role as a Clinical Educator, where she utilizes her extensive knowledge and experience to mentor both seasoned and new nurses. Meghan’s teaching philosophy is grounded in ensuring the highest standards of patient safety. She actively participates in numerous initiatives throughout the hospital.

Since joining the Education Team, Meghan has successfully completed two Emergency Department Residency Programs, resulting in the addition of eight new ED nurses within her first year. Her nominator stated, "She’s an incredible role model for all our ED team members. Meghan is ambitious, organized, and a proponent of a systematic approach. If Meghan says she will do something, there is no doubt that it will get done."

Meghan, your commitment to the organization and dedication to quality clinical care are deeply valued. Congratulations!

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