May 07, 2024

Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center Care Award Winner Winsome Campbell

Center holding certificate Winsome Campbell, environmental services tech of Environmental Services

Mountainside Medical Center is proud to present Winsome Campbell, environmental services tech of Environmental Services with the Care Award.

Winsome's dedication to the well-being of patients in the inpatient behavioral health department has been described as exemplary, demonstrating concern, compassion, and respect towards patients. Her vigilant observation and quick action have proven instrumental in ensuring patient safety on multiple occasions. Her nomination stated, “she recently alerted staff to the potential danger when two elderly patients attempted to leave their beds unassisted.”  Thanks to Winsome's timely intervention, a potentially hazardous situation was averted, preventing any potential falls.

The inpatient behavioral health team holds Winsome in high regard, appreciating her presence for the additional layer of safety and cleanliness she brings to the unit. Her proactive demeanor and steadfast dedication to patient care exemplify why she is a deserving recipient of the Care Award.

Your dedication to the organization and patient safety is greatly valued, Winsome. Congratulations!

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