May 01, 2024

Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center Successfully Performs First Case Using Ion Endoluminal System for Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy Procedures

From left to right: Steven Ipolysagi, surgical tech; Michelle James, physician assistant; Casandra Santiago, surgical tech; Lauren Caban, RN; Danie Mansour, M.D., thoracic surgeon and medical director of thoracic surgery at Mountainside Medial Center.

Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center is proud to announce the successful completion of its first bronchoscopy procedure using the Ion Endoluminal System, a cutting-edge robotic-assisted technology designed for minimally invasive lung biopsies. The procedure was completed on April 30 by Daniel Mansour, M.D., thoracic surgeon, and medical director of thoracic surgery at Mountainside Medical Center.

Recognizing the critical importance of early detection and treatment in combating lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths, Mountainside Medical Center has invested in advanced, life-enhancing technologies to offer patients access to the highest quality care. “We continually strive to enhance the efficiency of care for those with lung cancer,” said Dr. Mansour. “The Ion system is a groundbreaking advancement, and we are enthusiastic about introducing this innovative approach to our patients. With the Ion system, we can biopsy, mark the nodule, and perform a surgical resection all in a single day. This streamlined process not only reduces hospital stays but also ensures timely treatment.”

Lung cancer, particularly when diagnosed at its earliest stage, known as stage IA-1, has an average 5-year survival rate of 92%. Early diagnosis can be challenging, but the Ion Endoluminal System offers a promising solution by enabling physicians to obtain tissue samples from deep within the lung. This capability facilitates a more accurate diagnosis, potentially helping patients avoid additional biopsies.

The Ion Endoluminal System, developed by Intuitive, the maker of the renowned da Vinci surgical system, is built on more than two decades of leadership in robotic-assisted technology. Featuring an ultra-thin, ultra-maneuverable catheter, Ion allows for navigation far into the peripheral lung, offering unprecedented stability and precision compared to traditional manual techniques.

"Our investment in Ion complements our robotic-assisted surgical program, enabling patients to receive comprehensive care—from biopsy to surgery—all under one roof," said Tim O'Brien, CEO of Mountainside Medical Center.

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