May 07, 2024

West Essex EMS played a critical role in a recent life-saving event

West Essex EMS played a critical role in a recent life-saving event at Mountainside Medical Center. Responding to a call for a patient experiencing left-sided weakness, difficulty walking, and slurred speech, their swift action ensured the patient received prompt care upon arrival.

Upon assessment by Dr. Viktor Livshits at Mountainside, a Code Stroke was immediately activated, leading to the detection of a large vessel occlusion. Following diagnostic imaging, it was determined that the patient required both thrombolytic treatment and a Mechanical Thrombectomy to address the thrombus within the M1 segment of the right Middle Cerebral Artery.

Under the expert care of Rachel Ingram, RN, the thrombolytic was administered within a remarkable 37 minutes of arrival. Subsequently, Dr. Ahsan Sattar performed an emergent Mechanical Thrombectomy, successfully restoring blood flow within 114 minutes.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of West Essex EMS and the team at Mountainside, the patient made significant strides in just two days. Upon discharge, they were able to walk independently and carry out activities of daily living, returning home to their family. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of timely intervention in achieving positive outcomes in stroke care.

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