June 03, 2022

What to consider when you are trying to conceive

Are you thinking about trying to get pregnant? Congratulations! Preparing your and your partner’s bodies for pregnancy is an important factor in pre-pregnancy planning.

When you and your partner decide that you are ready to start a family, one of the first steps you should take is speaking to your doctor before you become pregnant.

“Schedule a pre-conception visit with your primary care doctor or OB/GYN to address any concerns that you may have,” says Anish Shah, M.D.

Certain health conditions can affect both mother and baby, so be prepared with questions such as:

·       What vaccines and screenings will we need?

·       What are some ways to improve my overall health, such as vitamins and supplements?

·       Do you have any guidance on family planning or birth control?

·       We have certain health issues. Will these affect our baby’s health?

Healthy Lifestyle

"At your visit, you should discuss the things that pose a risk to the pregnancy,” says Dr. Shah. “You will likely talk about your medications, lifestyle, medical history, prior obstetric history and what to expect during and after a pregnancy."

Living a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy is a must. Ladies wanting to conceive should focus on maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime. Women should:

·       Limit their caffeine intake

·       Avoid alcohol, nicotine and marijuana (THC)

·       Take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid

Men should also prepare their bodies to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. Our specialists at Lovelace recommend that men consider taking nutrients like zinc, folic acid and vitamin C for healthy sperm production.

Men should also avoid spending time in hot tubs or saunas. Exposure to heat can cause a reduction in sperm count. Both men and women should also consider using a fertility-friendly lubricant.

Women should track their menstrual cycle throughout the month so to better estimate when they ovulate and thus plan a pregnancy. You can find the most fertile part of your month by tracking menstrual dates, daily temperatures and similar data. The most fertile window is 2-3 days before ovulation and through the day of ovulation.

To find an OB/GYN near you, call 877-531-2835 or visit mountainsidehosp.com/find-physician.

There’s an App for That!

Like so many tasks these days, there are several fertility tracking apps available to you on your smartphone or tablet that can support your efforts. Read more about some of the best fertility apps or search for “fertility apps.”

Keep in mind that about half of all pregnancies are not planned. For this reason, women should always be conscious of their health, even when they are not trying to become pregnant.

It is an exciting time when you and your partner are ready to have a baby. Mountainside Labor of Love can provide support in accessing community resources before, during or after your pregnancy. Our goal is to provide our families with the best resources our community has to offer.


Oh Baby! A Baby Expo at Mountainside

Expectant parents and those planning on becoming parents are invited to Oh Baby! A Baby Expo at Mountainside on Saturday, August 20, 2022, at 10 a.m. Learn how to create a birth plan, classes available at the hospital, what to expect and tour the Birthing Center.

Mountainside physicians and team members will be available to answer your questions and meet local organizations with baby-friendly services.

Refreshments, prizes and giveaways will be provided.

Register online here or call (800) 560-9990.

What to consider when you are trying to conceive
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