Women's Health Services

Healing for mind, body & spirit

Mountainside Medical Center is a recognized leader in women's healthcare. In fact, we’re much more than a premier local maternity center that’s affiliated with leading OB/GYN physicians and certified nurse midwives. We provide a complete continuum of care and offer convenient, local access to world-class specialists in every aspect of women's health including reproductive medicine, breast cancer, osteoporosis, menopause and more.

We’re dedicated to promoting wellness and we provide a full-range of preventive care services, as well as nutritional and exercise guidance. We understand that certain life stressors of particular significance to women can result in - or worsen - depression or anxiety and we have resources to address those concerns, too.

Employing the most current, effective diagnostic and treatment options, our team is dedicated to minimizing your stress and discomfort and safely reducing the amount of time you need to spend at the hospital.

A complete continuum of care

From your first trip to the gynecologist through menopause and beyond, we'll be here for you, providing superior care in a soothing, relaxed environment. We also have comprehensive resources available to serve the entire family - and, if your pediatrician isn't affiliated with Mountainside Medical Center, we’d be happy to provide services through one of our general pediatricians or neonatologists who specialize in caring for newborns.

Evidence of extraordinary care

Our team is comprised of distinguished physicians who are board-certified in diverse specialties, along with specially trained nurses and staff, many of whom hold certifications in women’s health disciplines. We’ve also obtained many credentials that signify rigorous adherence to best practices and standards including accreditations from the American College of Radiology and the Federal Drug Administration's Mammography Quality Standards Act for our mammography services and the American College of Surgeons for our cancer program.

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