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The oncologists at Mountainside Medical Center provide compassionate cancer care to our patients in the Montclair community and beyond. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, it’s important to have a skilled team of specialists by your side to ensure you receive the best outcomes possible. Our cancer center pairs emotional support with leading-edge technology to bring you a wide range of cancer treatments and services. Our cancer treatments include radiation therapy and infusion services, such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy. We also offer access to promising clinical trials for cancer patients, support groups, and community outreach programs. No matter where you are in your cancer journey, our dedicated oncologists are here to help.

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Our cancer treatments and services

From the moment you receive your cancer diagnosis, our physicians will be by your side, committed to your complete care. Treatment is just one aspect of our commitment to your wellbeing. From day one, we will work with you to create and implement a personalized cancer recovery plan. Your recovery plan may include any of the following treatments and services:

  • Access to clinical trials for cancer — Our medical center offers leading-edge treatments and clinical trials for eligible patients.
  • Diagnostic imaging services — Diagnosis is the first step to treating and beating cancer. Our skilled physicians and radiologists use state-of-the-art equipment to investigate and understand your condition.
  • Infusion therapy — Our cancer care team includes nurses with special certification to administer chemotherapy, biotherapy, immunotherapy and non-chemo related treatments.
  • Palliative support — Our advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) provide an additional layer of support to you and your cancer care team by offering treatments to manage your pain and symptoms.
  • Radiation oncology — Our radiation team delivers the highest levels of accuracy and safety, from treatment planning to delivery. Radiation oncology is easily accessed with its own parking area and separate entrance.
  • Rehabilitative care — Our rehabilitation therapy department is an integral part of our cancer care team. Physical therapists can help you recover from the physical impacts of cancer, any surgery you may have, and treat unwanted side effects.

As your treatments wind down, you will meet with your doctor to establish a long-term plan to monitor your recovery, manage any remaining side effects and periodically make sure your cancer has not returned. This plan will likely include a schedule of physician visits and tests.

Oncology support and services

In addition to our wide range of cancer treatments, we also provide an abundance of resources to help you feel supported and stay informed. This includes:

  • Community outreach programs
  • Counseling and psychosocial services
  • Genetic counseling
  • Nutrition services
  • Pastoral support

We also have social workers available to help families coordinate transportation and deal with any financial or practical concerns that may have arisen due to your illness.

Our cancer care team

We employ a number of skilled specialists with experience diagnosing and treating cancer. Our multispecialty, coordinated approach guarantees that each patient who enters our oncology department will receive compassionate, quality care and support. Our cancer program is Commission on Cancer-accredited by the American College of Surgeons. This means we have demonstrated to our community that we have invested in systems that help cancer patients receive high-quality, coordinated care.

Our team includes:

  • Board-certified medical, surgical and radiation oncologists
  • Certified oncology professional registered nurses
  • Dieticians and nutrition experts
  • Nurse navigators
  • Palliative care advanced practice nurses
  • Pharmacists with certifications in oncology and pharmacotherapy
  • Registered and certified radiology technicians and laboratory specialists
  • Rehabilitative medicine specialists
  • Social workers with experience working with cancer patients

When you visit the oncology clinic at Mountainside Medical Center, you can count on quality care close to home, state-of-the-art services and technology, compassionate support, and expert care.

“Your name should be the Angel Hospital.”

Ilene Drohan

Despite initially feeling hopeless when she got a diagnosis of breast cancer, one local woman received multidisciplinary care, support and a new lease on life when she turned to Mountainside Medical Center.

“It was like getting hit by a Mack truck.”

I knew something was terribly wrong when Dr. Alli called to schedule an appointment to discuss the results of my biopsy just two days after I had a lump removed from my breast at Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center. When I first heard the words, “You have breast cancer,” my mind was racing with stories I’d heard and many questions: How debilitating will the chemo be? Will I need surgery? Will I lose my hair? Will I be able to work to support myself? Is it too late?

“I chose the smaller, more patient-focused hospital.”

Lucky, I chose Mountainside Medical Center to help save my life. It was the hospital right in my community, and I thought I’d have a better chance in a smaller, patient-focused setting rather than one of those big, uncaring facilities where you get treated like a number. It was the best decision of my life. I had a terrific group of doctors, all of whom watched over me.

“I was treated like family.”

From the day of my diagnosis through every chemo treatment and appointment, everyone treated me with the utmost compassion and respect - from the receptionist at the front desk who made sure I always had a ride home after a treatment, to the nurses, technicians and doctors with whom I was on a first-name basis. Some of the treatments were tough to get through, and I did wind up losing my hair, but my team at Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center never let me lose hope. I even threw a party for the staff after my last chemo treatment! They truly became my family. I can’t imagine how I could have gotten through it all without them.

“The hospital staff has earned their wings.”

Today, I am cancer-free and live every day to the fullest. I think Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center should change its name to the Angel Hospital, because everyone there has certainly earned their wings in my eyes.

The Mountainside Medical Center Cancer Program has been approved by the Commission on Cancer for excellence in cancer care since 1956.

Public Reporting of Outcomes - Standard 1.12 Commission on Cancer

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