Radiation Oncology


Our Expertise Treating Cancer

Mountainside Medical Center's Department of Radiation Oncology brings advanced radiation technology to the northern New Jersey community. We deliver powerful doses of radiation with precision and excellence- exactly to where it is needed.

Our Radiation Team works in an interdisciplinary manner to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and safety, from treatment planning to delivery. Our highly trained medical team includes physicians, physicists, dosimetrists, nurses, and radiation therapists.

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Targeting tumors with precision using leading edge technology

We’re upholding our commitment to providing convenient local access to world-class treatment on par with the nation’s largest cancer centers by employing high precision TrueBeam® image-guided radiotherapy technology.

While standard radiation therapy requires daily treatments for six weeks or more, this breakthrough allows our experienced clinicians to expertly administer intensive doses of radiation and treat some types of cancer more swiftly.

Fewer, shorter patient visits… less risk of side effects

Truebeam® incorporates submillimeter accuracy and On-Board Imaging that allows tumor positioning and tracking during stereotactic treatments. That superior level of precision translates into fewer, shorter radiation sessions and reduced risk of any damage to healthy tissue.

This state-of-the-art stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatment is just one component of Hackensack Meridian Health Mountainside Medical Center’s multifaceted, multidisciplinary cancer care program. At our community-based center, every case is carefully reviewed by a distinguished team of medical, surgical and radiation oncologists who collaboratively devise the most effective care plan for each patient.

Meet our Staff

Medical Director

Brett Lewis, M.D., PhD, is an authority on the use of radiation therapy to treat cancer, including highly targeted external radiation techniques as well as internal approaches (brachytherapy). He is also involved in research to evaluate new radiation therapy regimens and methods, with the goal of improving treatment effectiveness while reducing side effects. He brings with him an undergraduate major in physics (with High Honors) and graduate school expertise in physical biochemistry. He is the first author on most of his publications, with articles in a number of different journals, including Medical Physics, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Journal of the American Chemical Society. Dr. Lewis wrote a book chapter on isotope effects in biochemistry and worked behind the scenes on radiation exposure research with NASA. He has taught learners at many levels.With a short interlude as Clinical Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, he has lived in the New York metropolitan area since 1994. He has worked at several other hospitals in the area and is especially proud to be a member of the remarkable teams at John Theurer Cancer Center, Hackensack University Medical Center and Mountainside Medical Center.



Balan Kodery completed his Masters in Medical Radiation Physics at McGill University, Montreal Canada. McGill was the first university in North America to offer a Graduate program in Medical physics and still remains as a premier faculty in Medical Physics. Mr. Kodery was certified by American College of Radiology in Therapeutic Physics in 1987 and Diagnostic Radiological Physics in 1995. Mr. Kodery has vast clinical experience in all modalities of clinical treatments, including SRS, SBRT and High and Low dose-rate Brachytherapy. He has also years of experience with equipment such as Truebeam, Imaging systems such as Exatrac and Treatment Planning systems such as Eclipse,iplan and Brainlab's Multiple Mets Software. Mr. Kodery is onboard at UHMC Mountainside as Chief Physicist since November 2016.

Administrative Assistant

Kelly Parente is the Administrative Assistant in the Department of Radiation Oncology. Kelly is responsible for the day-to-day office operations of the department and has 28 years of experience. When you call or visit our department, Kelly’s smile is the first to greet you. Behind the scenes, she keeps our department running efficiently and smoothly.


Linda West, RN is a Registered Nurse in the Department of Radiation Oncology. She has 22 years experience working with Oncology patients and was awarded the prestigious Myrtle Phillips Forsyth Nursing Award in 2014. She also serves as a Nurse Navigator for the Mountainside Medical Center Lung Screening Program and Melanoma Survivorship Program.

Radiation Therapists

Joseph Volpe, RTT is Chief Radiation Therapist of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Mountainside Medical Center. He completed his training at the Saint Barnabas School of Radiotherapy. “Joe,” has 30 years of radiation therapy experience and has been serving as Chief Therapist for 5 years.

Terese Besso, RTT is a Radiation Therapist in the Department of Radiation Oncology. She completed her training at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center School of Radiation Therapy. Terese has over 30 years of experiences treating patients with radiotherapy. In Terese’s words, “I truly enjoy treating patients and getting to know them over the course of their radiation treatment. I consider myself lucky to be able to do something I really enjoy.”

Nadine Gross, CMD, R.T.(T) is a Certified Medical Dosimetry in the Department of Radiation Oncology. She completed her training at Gwynedd Mercy College and Thomas Jefferson University. Nadine has 7 years experience in treatment planning, and is trained in an array of treatment techniques.








Social Work

Lynne Eisenbrand, LCSW is a social worker at the Department of Radiation Oncology and supports patients and family members in a variety of capacities. She provides counseling sessions, facilitates cancer support groups, aids with financial assistance programs, and refers patients to vital community and national cancer organizations. She serves as Coordinator for the annual Cancer Survivors Day Celebration. Lynne is on faculty at Montclair State University and teaches a survey course in mental health.

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