Radiation Oncology

Our Expertise Treating Cancer

Mountainside Medical Center's Department of Radiation Oncology brings advanced radiation technology to the northern New Jersey community. We deliver powerful doses of radiation with precision and excellence- exactly to where it is needed.

Our Radiation Team works in an interdisciplinary manner to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and safety, from treatment planning to delivery. Our highly trained medical team includes physicians, physicists, dosimetrists, nurses, and radiation therapists.

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A comprehensive Suite of Radiation Therapy Technologies

Mountainside Medical Center's Department of Radiation Oncology brings advanced radiation technology to the northern New Jersey community, offering radiation therapies for breast, prostate, lung, brain, head and neck, gynecologic, and other cancers.

External Beam Techniques

  • TrueBeam® – versatile image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) used to deliver radiation treatments faster while monitoring and compensating for tumor motion.
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) – directing radiation of various intensities, shaped to the contours of a tumor, from multiple angles to destroy tumor tissue while sparing normal tissue as much as possible. We couple IMRT with
  • IGRT (image-guided radiation therapy) to ensure exceptional accuracy.
  • RapidArc® – IMRT on the TrueBeam platform, delivering radiation to the entire tumor in a 360-degree rotation, often in less than two minutes. Compared with first-generation IMRT, it offers better speed and conformality of dose delivery.
  • 3-D conformal radiation therapy – radiation administration is customized to the shape of the tumor. Planning with this technique permits the integration of diagnostic CT, MRI, and PET/CT data.

Stereotactic Therapies

  • Stereotactic body radiation therapy – given in just a few sessions, high doses are delivered extremely precisely and carefully to targets outside the head, made possible by high-tech advances in linear accelerator delivery systems, computerized planning, patient positioning, and image guidance. Our technology enables us to track tumor motion in real time as the treatment is delivered to adjust for slight motions, including breathing. SBRT offers very high local control rates in the curative and palliative medicine settings.
  • TrueBeam® linear-accelerator based stereotactic radiosurgery — a noninvasive, one-day procedure for malignant and benign tumors of the brain and other parts of the head.

Innovative Radiation Oncology Approaches 

  • ​Prone breast positioning – the patient lies face down on a table with the treated breast hanging through an opening, permitting treatment while sparing lung and heart tissue and reducing the risk of late-term side effects.
  • Hypofractionated radiation therapy – provides equal effectiveness as conventional treatment for certain cancers, but over a shorter overall treatment course, and with a similar risk of side effects. We commonly use this technique to treat breast cancer, lymphoma, and lung cancer, as well as to relieve cancer symptoms.
  • Electron therapy – delivered through our TrueBeam accelerators, typically to lesions on the skin. We can carefully tune the depth of treatment.
  • Respiratory motion management – when we believe a tumor is likely to move with breathing, we obtain the simulation CT scan with “bellows” or RPM® technique, which results in ten snapshots of the tumor position during each breath.
  • CT simulation with MedRad rapid injector capability — incorporating the latest in patient comfort and stability. The rapid intravenous injection of a contrast agent is a major advance over conventional manual delivery and enhances the quality and utility of simulation scans. This method maximizes treatment accuracy.

Comprehensive Cancer Care

Each patient’s treatment team chooses the most appropriate technology and customizes care to achieve the best outcome. Patients may also have opportunities to participate in clinical trials evaluating a promising new radiation therapy approach or application.

Our multidisciplinary team of radiation oncologists, physicists, dosimetrists, radiation therapists, nurses, and support staff is dedicated to providing your patients with the most effective care while ensuring their well-being. Licensed clinical social workers provide psychosocial support and guidance on practical matters during cancer care, and registered dietitians offer nutritional guidance to ensure your patients stay strong during cancer treatment.

Our goal is to treat each patient’s cancer, working very closely with other experts, while taking into account all physical, functional, emotional, and quality of life aspects of the disease. We don’t just care for patients, but about them.

Conveniently Located

The Department of Radiation Oncology is conveniently located on the Mountainside Medical Center campus. 

Located in Montclair, NJ the hospital is easily accessible via public transportation. The department offers free valet parking and a convenient entrance dedicated to radiation oncology patients.

For more information or to make an appointment please call 973-429-6096.