Breast Surgery

Compassionate care

We understand the stress and anxiety surrounding concern regarding breast cancer and make every effort to explain findings and as comprehensively and quickly as possible.

Emphasis on medical evidence

Our surgical approach to breast cancer is to make screening, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations based on current and medical evidence. Recommendations are based on known results and current national guidelines. We know that knowledge erases fear and patients are given options for care and the information needed to make meaningful treatment decisions. Breast conservation whenever possible is the current standard of care.

Coordinated cancer care

Our surgeons communicate directly with primary physicians, radiologists, medical oncologists, plastic surgeons and radiation oncologists to coordinate the best approach for each patient. Each patient has a team of physicians and support staff to smoothly navigate the process of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Upon completion of treatment our survivorship program ensures the patient has a comprehensive summary of treatment and plan for future follow-up.

Resources for emotional and practical support

Commitment to the community

Mountainside Medical Center offers community events to spread our knowledge regarding the treatment of breast cancer. We also offer screening mammogram as early detection is the most successful way to improve breast cancer survival.