CT Calcium Scoring

Take a test to check your risk for heart disease with a CT Calcium Scoring scan for just $99. This offer is discounted from regular prices that are $250 or more.

Even though you may not have any symptoms, a CT Calcium Scoring scan can help detect calcium-containing plaque in your arteries, which can cause a heart attack.

Steps to schedule your CT Calcium Scoring Scan

  • Make your appointment: Call 973-873-7787 to schedule your appointment at Mountainside Medical Center.
  • Get a prescription: Prior to your appointment, ask your doctor for a prescription for a CT Calcium Scoring (Diagnosis: Screening). Ask your doctor’s office to fax it to Mountainside Medical Center’s scheduling department: 973-680-7759 or bring it with you to your appointment.
  • Pay for your scan: You can pay at the time of service, or billed in the mail.  This scan qualifies for reimbursement through FSA, which patients are responsible for submitting themselves.

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