Occupational Therapy

Breaking Barriers, Improving Lives

Occupational Therapy is provided at Mountainside Medical Center on an outpatient basis at the Harries Pavilion and on an inpatient basis in the Transitional Care Unit, as well as on acute care floors whenever needed.

Our team provides intensive treatment aimed at getting patients back to their daily routine. Whether your goal is returning to work, resuming leisure activities, regaining essential self- care skills or the ability to perform domestic and community activities, we can be of assistance.

Our therapists carefully analyze physical, environmental, mental and psychosocial factors to identify barriers. We then help our patients navigate those barriers to better their lives.

Basic Facts about Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are dedicated to upper extremity rehabilitation and qualified to provide comprehensive assessments and treatment. Patients typically have experienced loss of function in their hand(s) or and arm(s) as a result of an injury, accident or illness.

Our occupational therapists are experienced in providing specialized treatment for an array of conditions including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, sports injuries, nerve compressions, fractures and joint injuries, strains/sprains, tendon injuries and neurological concerns (TBI, CVA, MS) which also result in visual and cognitive deficits.

The focus of occupational therapy is to restore or improve function to enable a patient to participate in activities of daily living to the fullest extent possible. Occupational therapists help people learn new skills, relearn skills or adapt to a permanent loss so they can manage day-to-day and, in some cases, achieve greater independence. Occupational therapy treatment involves purposeful activities designed to improve balance, coordination, strength, range of motion, visual and cognitive skills.

Specialized Services for Children & Adolescents

We provide evaluation and treatment services for children and adolescents who are not reaching their developmental potential. An outpatient occupational therapy evaluation consists of a comprehensive assessment of a child’s overall independent functioning. Evaluations are done using assessment tools, caregiver questionnaires and clinical observations. They can help to identify areas of concern and delay including gross motor, fine motor, visual, motor and sensory processing skills.

A Continuum of Care

When treating inpatients, we assess each patient prior to discharge and recommend adaptive equipment and home modifications that will assist with personal care and hygiene. We also provide home exercise programs with written instructions so our patients can continue their recovery and be independent.

For more information about our Occupational Therapy programs, please call 973-429-6050.

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